Can I mix my protein shake, supplements or pre work out with the morning fiber drink?

No. You must wait at least 30 minutes after the morning fiber mix before ingesting anything but water with nothing else added in.

How much weight will I lose?

Some people don't lose any weight at all, yet others have lost a significant amount of weight in an extremely short period of time. The best way to find if this cleanse is working for you is to keep track of your waist size, and simply take note of your energy levels and digestion. There are no promises of weight loss on this cleanse even though most who've tried Downey's Cleanse have had a great success rate thus far. If you follow the this programs plant based diet plan your results will amplify significantly.

Will I be pooping my pants?

You will be going to the toilet more often, yet what you expell will typically hold in until you get to the nearest washroom. Always remember that the fear of releasing the most harmful toxic garbage inside of our bodies is no excuse to hold off doing a cleanse, and just tucking it in.

Now's the time for you to let go, and rid such high levels of toxicity a bond fare well.

Will I lose energy, or feel sick?

Downey's Cleanse has been specifically designed using ingredients that develop an electrical charge when mixed with water which absorb the toxic break up of mucoid plaque as it's expelled from the body. The vast majority of feedback from those who have tried Downey's Cleanse have noticed higher levels of energy, mental clarity and improved cardio while on the cleanse.

Where do you ship to?

Currently only in Canada, and America yet we plan to expand overseas very soon, and can make some acceptions, although for overseas will not have tracking, or estimated delivery times.

Is it ok to take a day off inbetween if I get sick or forget?

We suggested against this when attempting to achieve optimal results, although if you feel you need to skip a day, it's ok. Just make sure to start up again as soon as you are capable without missing any days inbetween otherwise you'll only be cheating yourself.

Does the tea have Caffiene?

No. The evening tea actually has a calming effect and is supportive of the difestive system in turn enabling you to fall asleep more easily with less bloating. Some users even suggest they have an easier time falling asleep during evenings after consuming Downey's Cleanse tea.

Will this still work if I don't follow the recommended diet?

Absolutely. This cleanse is so strong the only thing you truly need to focus on is to stay hydrated and it will work like magic no matter what diet you follow. Our dietary recommendations are mainly suggested in order to enhance the potency of Downey's Cleanse. Ask yourself... "How seriously do I want to gain the healthiest results while taking this cleanse?" By sticking to a whole foods plant based diet, and intermittent fasting during these 2 weeks will end up benefiting you more significantly benefiting you in the long run, far more than you may actually realize. The choice of commitment is entirely up to you.

Is it ok for me to take this cleanse when I'm on medication, or pregnant.

Absolutely not for pregnant women. Please read our disclaimers at the bottom of the main page for more warnings of weather you should avoid taking this product at all. Consult your physician if you are on medication, and by no means should anyone do a cleanse while they are pregnant.

What are the instructions?

Days 1-14 = Take 4 pills with 1 cup of tea in the evenings before bedtime. Days 1 - 5 = Mix 1 level tablespoon of the fibre with 750 ml of water (3 cups). Days 6 - 14 = Mix 2 level tablespoons of the fibre with 750 ml of water (3 cups). Drink the fibre mix first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes before consuming any foods, and supplements, vitamins, etc. Do not mix the fiber with anything else besides filtered water. Make sure to drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water a day. The more hydrated you are, the more effective the cleanse will become. Try your best to avoid dairy and red meats. To achieve maximum results follow a whole foods, plant based diets and avoid all animal products. By doing so is much like doing a cleanse in itself, and you may be surpised at how much your energy levels will increase. Intermittent fasting additionally enhances the cleanse's potency significantly. This means you only consume foods during a 5 hours window each day, like 3PM to 9PM and then no food consumption between 9PM and 3PM for the rest of each day. Try to engage in cardiovascular activities at least a few times a week for at least 30 minutes per session. By doing so will help shift and break up the toxic sludge in your colon. Avoid drinking alcohol. Dehydrating yourself with anything will end up becoming significantly counter productive, and if severely dehydrated may result in constipation in combination with high levels of fibre.

How long can I use Downey's Cleanse?

It's recommended to use this product for no more than 6 weeks per year (3 kits) and is very important to replace your friendly bacteria post cleanse by taking time released probiotic capsules with an enteric coating containing 50-100 billion cultures per capsule for 30 days. You can find such a supplement in nearly any health / supplement stores.